There are many things you can do during the day. Some you can do for only minutes at a time!


There are many free websites that will send you a new word a day via email – just by registering for free.

Do a Google search like „one [name of language] word a day“

 (Free) Online articles:

You can search newspapers or magazines online and read free articles. Choose a short one on a story that REALLY interests you – politics, sports, etc.

Especially interesting for Germans wishing to learn English is “The Local”. This is a website that presents the German news in English.

Also look for websites that report on things that interest you very much. Because you are already familiar with subjects and themes, you will more easily identify words and phrases just from the context.

Audio CDs / mp3 files

There are many providers of vocabulary lessons with CDs or mp3 files you can download and listen to while jogging, driving to work, cooking, etc…


Watch the news in the language you are learning – if only for a half hour in the morning or evening.

It helps if you first watch the international news in your native language – then you know what the subjects of the main stories will be.

You do not even have to sit there and concentrate to get a benefit! Getting your ear used to the language is also useful.

Just let the words float through the house while you are busy with other things – and be glad when you identify various words and phrases!

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