How language is processed by your brain

Duanemarch/ August 18, 2016

CNN – How language is processed by your brain If you read a sentence (such as this one) about kicking a ball, neurons related to the motor function of your leg and foot will be activated in your brain. Similarly, if you talk about cooking garlic, neurons associated with smelling will fire up. Since it is almost impossible to do


Intensive Language Seminar

Duanemarch/ April 24, 2016

Language Training with me! Although I also offer tutoring for students, I specialize in intensive language training seminars (minimal 3 full days) with the goal of at least 100 vocabulary words / phrases per day. I get results applying a combination of – Alpha State vocabulary training – Suggestopedia – NLP The core of my language training seminar consists of


17-Minute Languages!

Duanemarch/ Juli 29, 2014

17-Minute Languages can enable you to learn a language much faster than with regular learning methods – in only about 17 minutes per day. I have used this program to learn a ton of Spanish vocabulary and phrases. This course is different to other courses: Learn a new language in just about 17 minutes per day. In a matter of only


Have a Plan!

Duanemarch/ April 9, 2014

“If you fail to plan… … you plan to fail!” It is important to have a plan for your language study. Sticking to a plan – making it part of your life – makes study easier and gives you a sense of progress. A plan also helps you to document… All things you can do to help reach your goals


Arsene Wenger on Languages

Duanemarch/ März 12, 2014

In this video, Arsene Wenger – manager of the footbal club Arsenal London – speaks about his experiences with and the benefits of learning languages.

Issues of Global Corporate English

Duanemarch/ Januar 16, 2014

Issues of Global Corporate English „English is the international language of this corporation.“ „English proficiency is a strategic priority.“ Such statements regarding corporate strategy and English language proficiency are common — and can strike both managers and employees with consternation. The mission sounds a lot easier than it is — and global corporations have been struggling with it for decades.


Welcome to Synlexis!

Duanemarch/ Januar 13, 2014

Are any of these situations familiar to you? You want to take the next step on your career ladder. What you need is sales experience abroad, and a subsidiary in Spain offers the perfect opportunity. Do you speak Spanish? A French corporation has just taken over your company. Significant changes in the company’s management and culture are imminent, and French