As already mentioned, vocabulary comprises the basic and most essential component of a language.

Fortunately, vocabulary is also the aspect of a language that is easiest to learn on your own!

Available Tools

Lists : words / phrases with native language translations is a good way to start and gives you a good overview.

Flash cards : a classic tool and still very useful.

  • Write one word / phrase on one side of the card and the translation on the other.
  • The cards should be small enough so that you can take them with you everywhere.
  • Set a goal of memorizing seven (7) words or phrase a day (see „The Rule of Seven„).

Online vocabulary lessons : there are many websites offering free vocabulary training.

My favorite – one that I use to teach English and German – is

For more about Quizlet, go to Products — Quizlet.

Of course, using – and understanding – words and phrases in various contexts require more than just dictionary definitions.

Two commonly available media that provide context are:

  • text, and
  • films (videos)


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