Total Immersion basically means what it says:

  • You are placed into learning environment in which only the object language is spoken.
  • Sink or swim!
  • Pure Stress!

It is basically an intensified version of what people go through if they were to move to a country where no one speaks their language. If you want to communicate, you have to learn the language!

Total Immersion courses are typically NOT inexpensive – at least the good ones are not. We are speaking about a minimum of 1,000 USD or Euros. This should not be surprising or considered to be „too expensive“:

  • The trainers also put in a hard day’s work, and…
  • If the results are as promised, your communication skills will be well worth the cost.

Total immersion works for many. It can work for you as long as:

  • … you are determined to make it work, and
  • … you can stand the stress.

You can make great progress, if you can deal with it.

If you can’t, you have probably wasted a good deal of money.


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