1. Language Training

Although I also offer tutoring for students, I specialize in intensive language training seminars (minimal 3 full days) with the goal of at least 100 vocabulary words / phrases per day.

I get results applying a combination of

Alpha State vocabulary training

– Suggestopedia


I have successfully trained clients with these methods for over eight years now.

2. NLP Therapy

NLP treatment is an approach employing language that address your five senses in order to enable you to make changes to your subconscious attitudes and priorities in order to (for example):

– get over a bad romance

– quit smoking

– lose weight

– weaken typical fears or anxieties (not however serious phobias)

I am a certified NLP Master practitioner

3. Make the „Right“ Impression!

This training is comprised of two elements.

Outward impression:

– Body Language

– Facial Expression

– Voice Tonality

Mental Attitude:

This influences what you express to others!

Here I apply approaches applied in language training (Alpha-State) and NLP in order to:

– get over the „approach anxiety“ the prevents you from approaching and speaking to people

– work on your mental attitude with respect to communicating effectively

– improve your confidence

– help you internalize and manifest that YOU are a valuable person!

My intensive study of current methods and my own experiences, combined with the application of Alpha State and NLP approaches, ensure you of success!

Qualifications / Experience:

– TEFL Certificate

– NLP Certificates Practitioner and Master Practitioner

– Ten years‘ experience teaching and training English and German as second language

– Six years‘ experience training corporate customers with the Alpha Method

– 4 years NLP Practitioner

– 2 years public school teaching

– 6 years‘ university teaching