DVDs are a great medium for learning languages — one that did not exist until not too many years ago.

I have found the following to be the best way to use DVDs as a language learning tool:

1. Choose a film you have already seen many times and/or really love… you already know the plot and are familiar with many scenes.

It is best to use a DVD with sound AND subtitles in both your native and in your target language.

For beginners — a film for children or a TV show episode (shorter length).

2. Watch the DVD — sound: native language ll subtitles: target language

3. Now watch it again — sound: target ll subtitels: native

4. Then watch it again — sound and subtitles in target language

5. Finally… Go for it! — sound only in target language

* Repeat scenes you find interesting or useful.

And don’t forget — have fun with it!



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