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Language Training with me!

Although I also offer tutoring for students, I specialize in intensive language training seminars (minimal 3 full days) with the goal of at least 100 vocabulary words / phrases per day.

I get results applying a combination of

– Alpha State vocabulary training

– Suggestopedia


The core of my language training seminar consists of four phases.

  • Intro-Phase
  • Active-Phase
  • Alpha-Phase
  • Refresher-Phase

Intro-Phase: Each lesson begins with the Intro-Phase. In this phase our trainers actively and playfully introduce the lesson’s vocabulary to participants. Each vocabulary data set is presented, pronounced, repeated and set into context.

Active-Phase: In the second phase the vocabulary is again presented in the form of a memorable story and experienced through active role-plays and other forms of presentation. The active involvement of participants in the story and in presentation activates a greater number of cerebral connections than as with other learning techniques.

In advanced levels, participants create their own stories, plays and presentations. These additional experiences create a personal connection with the vocabulary and thus intensify the brain’s ability to recall the subject data.

Alpha-Phase: In the third phase, the Mindstorm Language Cinema enables the multi-sensory absorption of the subject vocabulary in a mentally active state of relaxation. Participants recline on comfortable easy-chairs in a cinema-like atmosphere. Activating colors are projected on a wall, and a voice advises breathing technique. Relaxing music plays in the background.

This process places the brain in the mentally active Alpha State. Subject words and entire phrases are then projected on the wall (video) and recited by voice (audio). In this state, data is directly transferred into and anchored in the brain’s long-term memory.

Refresher-Phase: The last phase serves to transfer learning content into the brain’s active vocabulary.

The data newly learned in the previous phases are directly recalled from long-term memory and specifically employed by playfully integrating several activity-oriented elements in a fun and stress-free manner.

I have successfully trained clients with these methods for over eight years now.

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