Alpha Method Intensive Training

Duanemarch/ Januar 17, 2014

The training methodology used is an expansion of “Super Learning” developed by Georgi Lozanov. This methodology exploits, as an essential component, audio-visual relaxation techniques that enable what is named a “mentally active state of relaxation”  – or the “Alpha State”. Super Learning, however, is based solely on audio data input: i.e. by hearing. The Alpha Method expands on Super Learning.


Welcome to Synlexis!

Duanemarch/ Januar 13, 2014

Are any of these situations familiar to you? You want to take the next step on your career ladder. What you need is sales experience abroad, and a subsidiary in Spain offers the perfect opportunity. Do you speak Spanish? A French corporation has just taken over your company. Significant changes in the company’s management and culture are imminent, and French