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The training methodology used is an expansion of “Super Learning” developed by Georgi Lozanov.

This methodology exploits, as an essential component, audio-visual relaxation techniques that enable what is named a “mentally active state of relaxation”  – or the “Alpha State”.

Super Learning, however, is based solely on audio data input: i.e. by hearing.

The Alpha Method expands on Super Learning. It addresses all five senses, and thus tailors the learning process to how the brain actually functions by incorporating:

  • visual input – words and pictures
  • audio input
  • physical (touching and feeling learning objects) and emotional association (through situations and role playing)
  • and so far as possible, smell and taste

This methodology can be intensive and can – at times – include elements of Total Immersion. There is one important different.

The core of the Alpha Method relies on learning in a relaxed mental state – the Alpha State.

  • The Alpha State is a condition of total relaxation that extends even to the phase of falling asleep.
  • It is in this state that one’s thoughts are almost totally freed of other concerns and in which the brain is best able to incorporate and save new data in long-term memory.
  • It is a state necessary for inducing hypnosis – which is why a hypnotist wants you to relax before he „puts you under“.

Instead of stressful intensity, the best practitioners of this method combine fun, relaxation, involvement and variety.

Our recommended provider of Alpha-based learning is the Mindstorm Group.

For a look at a typical Alpha Method training program, look at Mindstorm Intensive Training.

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